We have considerable experience in manufacturing, construction, real estate, apparel, technology, not-for-profits and the medical industries.  We provide compiled, reviewed and audited statements for use by management, investors and lending institutions.  We develop tax strategies to create wealth for the shareholders.

Our focus is providing timely and cost effective financial reporting and analysis. We assist clients in streamlining the financial reporting process. This enables the client to have the real time information necessary to build their business and reduce the effect of taxes.

We can build an internal management accounting system from scratch, or take the clients existing system and improve its functionality. We can assist with cash flow analysis, inventory procedures, costing projects, marketing analysis, forecasting and business plans.

We are skilled in mergers and acquisitions.  We can assist in finding the right merger or acquisition candidates.  We can manage due diligence, assist in contract negotiation, assist in drafting terms for the best tax results and most importantly – let you know if a deal makes sense We target specific markets in which to sell our professional services. In this manner we develop the expertise to assist in the growth of our clients business.


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Professional Fiduciaries

Our CPA firm supports professional fiduciaries, estate and trust attorneys and corporate trustees with court accounting and estate and trust tax services. We work all over the state of California.

Real Estate & Construction


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