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Cemetery Audits Including Endowment Care Fund and Special Care Fund Audits

Our firm serves as auditors and consultants providing cemetery audits to cemeteries in California. Our firm is experienced in performing Endowment Care Fund and Special Care Fund audits for Cemeteries. Cemeteries are required to have audited financial statements as well as audits of their endowment funds on an annual basis. The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau has statutory authority for licensing and regulating licensees in the funeral, cemetery, and crematory industries in California and oversees audits of the endowment funds.

Under the State Cemetery Act, the cemetery is required to pay to the endowment fund a portion of all internment property sold. The audit is performed to ensure that each licensed cemetery is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing the administration of endowment care funds (ECF) and special care funds (SCF).

The scope of the audit includes the inspection, review, and audit of the general purpose financial statements of the endowment care fund and special care fund, which includes the balance sheet, the statement of revenues, expenditure, and changes in fund balance.

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