Onisko & Scholz has extensive accounting and consulting experience in government, manufacturing & distribution, medical, nonprofit, professional fiduciaries, and real estate & construction sectors. We provide compiled, reviewed and audited statements for use by management, investors, and lending institutions. Most accountants do that. But we like to consider ourselves unique in that we also develop tax strategies to create wealth for key personnel, employees, stakeholders, and shareholders. 

Financial Reporting and Analysis  

Our focus is on providing hands-on (or remote) timely, and cost-effective financial reporting and analysis. We take personal pride in how we work with our clients in streamlining the financial reporting process. This empowers our clients, so they have the real-time information necessary to build their business and reduce the effect of taxes. 

Management Accounting  

External reports are one thing, but we know it is equally important to manage the inner workings of your business affairs. To that end, we can build an internal management accounting system from scratch, or take your existing system and improve its functionality. We recommend best practices for cash flow analysis, inventory procedures, costing projects, marketing analysis, forecasting, and business plans.  

Mergers and Acquisitions 

Our team excels in the field of mergers and acquisitions. We manage due diligence, offer support during the contract negotiation itself, help in drafting terms for the best tax results, and most importantly—let you know if the deal makes sense 

Built-In Expertise 

Because we target specific markets and industries in which to deliver our professional services, we have developed the expertise to assist our clients in their business growth and their personal wealth. We look forward to working with you in the areas below and applying our knowledge to new fields and industries as the business landscape continues to change in shape, direction, and scope. In fact, as so much commerce has gone global, we have made sure we are current with international tax laws and banking regulations. Our goal here is to help you expand to other markets but make sure you avoid making a mistake in the process.   

From apparel to food, from museums to transitional housing, from medical groups to individual practitioners, the businesses we serve have taught us what they need. From there, we focus on your accounting needs so that you can focus on your business. Major industries and examples of organizations within those industries are below:  


  City, county, state agencies and offices 

Manufacturing & Distribution 

          Apparel manufacturers, breweries, food packagers 


          Medical groups, doctors, dentists and similar 


Museums, agencies, shelters 

Professional Fiduciaries 

Attorneys, Corporate trustees 

Real Estate & Construction 

Developers, investors, builders, contractors 

Onisko & Scholz is one of the leading CPA firms in the area. By combining our expertise, experience, and energy, we offer each client our close personal and professional attention. 

We welcome you to contact us at any time.  


Manufacturing & Distribution



Professional Fiduciaries

Our CPA firm supports professional fiduciaries, estate and trust attorneys and corporate trustees with court accounting and estate and trust tax services. We work all over the state of California.

Real Estate & Construction


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