As a business begins to grow, it can get more and more difficult to manage the bookkeeping. Bookkeeping entails more than just entering deposits and payments. It also consists of billing, collections, payroll, reconciliations, preparing various tax forms, and preparing accurate financial statements. With all these tasks involved, making sure financials are up to date is time consuming and usually gets put on the back burner for business owners because the day to day operations are a higher priority.  The more transactions a business has and the longer they leave it on the back burner can lead to one big mess and cause a hefty invoice later down the line when it’s time to prepare financial statements to present to a banker, investor, legal counsel, or just to keep tabs on cash flow.

With our advanced “technology stack”, we can handle your receivables, payables, payroll and general ledger so you can concentrate on what you do best. We can provide real time financial information that you can access through the web. You will have business information at your fingertips to allow you to make better decisions.