Family Law and Divorce
Family Law and Divorce

Family Law and Divorce

  • Business Valuation
    • Family Law business valuation in California is a unique subset of valuation. The “marital value” of a business can be distinctly different than a fair market value of a commercial entity. We are skilled at advising clients and attorneys of the fine points so they can effectively conclude appropriate settlements.
  • Income Available for Support
    • When there are cash payments, money being moved around and or personal expenses run through the family business we can help.
  • Reimbursement Claims
    • Our team employs their experience as fraud auditors to apply the appropriate techniques to offer a clear and concise claim or defense against reimbursement claims. We are familiar with the standard reimbursement as family code 2640.
  • Tracings
    • We are familiar with the different forms of tracing and the court cases that have led to them. Together with legal counsel we select the appropriate technique to offer effective results.
  • Family Law Accountings
    • Sometimes there just needs to be a full accounting of the transactions of the family unit and/or the family business. We have skilled bookkeepers and CPA’s that can quickly take large amounts of raw documentation and turn it into a useful accounting.
  • Moore Marsden Calculations
    • We prepare these calculations regularly. Whether you have properties with multiple financings or commingled funds, we can assist.
  • Hidden Assets
    • Moving assets (cash or other) from place to place are typical schemes of fraudsters. We have frequently performed tracings and accountings to prove to the court that assets have been moved for the benefit of one spouse at the expense of another. We use the same techniques the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS use to prosecute tax crime.
  • 730 Joint Expert Appointments
    • We welcome joint expert assignments under evidence code 730. We have completed many of them and have found that they are an excellent way to move your case along. 730 assignments are great for small yet complex cases that have sparse records and business value and income available for support issues. We have had significant experience in mediation settings and can often successfully conclude assignments by having both attorneys and both parties in a separated conference setting in our offices.