CPA for Nonprofits 

As a CPA firm with many nonprofit clients, we understand the “business” end of your nonprofit organization.  Our partners have served on numerous boards of nonprofit entities.  We have also directed internal business operations for a variety of nonprofits. Our experience varies from religious organizations through health management organizations (HMOs), museums, clinics, transitional housing, and support facilities.  

In fact, your first step may be to have us help you make sure you are a tax exempt organization, and help you understand the term nonprofit. See our blog Nonprofit Organization Need to Make a Profit? because the term nonprofit actually refers to the purpose of the organization. This type of business needs a“profit”of revenue over expenses to continue to operate and achieve its goals, be they religious, charitable, or educational.

Development Related Services 

To help our nonprofit clients create their all-important revenue streams, we have established charitable giving programs, and created sophisticated financial analysis procedures to measure the performance against fundraising goals. We have also counseled our clients in how to develop internal control procedures to manage these tasks.  

We would be happy to assist you in growing your nonprofit “business.” 

Assurance Services 

Below is a list of services that we can deliver with confidence. We have many years of experience with Uniform Guidance and governmental accounting principals that apply in this industry. 

  • Financial statement audits, reviews and compilations  
  • Single audits under OMB Uniform Guidance 
  • Yellow Book Audits 
  • Agreed-upon procedures 
  • Attestation engagements 

Business Consulting 

Tax Services 

  • IRS (Exempt from Income Tax) Form 990 preparation  
  • Unrelated business income tax 
  • State excise taxes 
  • Property tax exemptions 
  • State sales tax issues 


Through the causes they support and the people they help, nonprofit entities create livable communities for our society. Through our development-related, assurance, business consulting, and tax services, we hope to make your local nonprofit organizations successful and gratifying for their founders, employees, volunteers, and supporters.  

Websites that may be helpful to your organization: 

If you require a CPA that goes above and beyond in the areas of tax and accounting, please contact Onisko & Scholz today.