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Our Controller & Virtual CFO Services are designed for privately held organizations (and nonprofits) that are in growth mode or that need higher-level accounting functions but don’t necessarily need a full-time controller or CFO on staff. We will provide you with timely, reliable financial information to make critical, informed decisions for your business.  

Through our Controller Services, we offer management of outsourced finance and accounting activities, as well as other back-office support. We can also deliver pivot-worthy analysis and augmented planning sessions through our outsourced virtual CFO program whenever you need it. 

Controller Services 

As CPAs with many years of experience, our controllers can oversee the work of your accountants and bookkeepers to whatever level you need. 

Services we provide include: 

  • Cash flow management 
  • Accounting documentation & process improvements 
  • Job costing 
  • Key metric benchmarking 
  • Reporting and supervision of month-end closings procedures 

Virtual CFO Services 

Our virtual CFOs are CPAs with CFO-level backgrounds to help you with weightier decisions. By using your accounting information and incorporating results from across the organization, they will be by your side as you make short-and long-term plans for the entire company.  

Onisko & Scholz-outsourced CFOs guide management, board members, and other stakeholders by bringing industry-specific expertise and fresh, outside market intelligence to the decision-making table. We can guide your company through: 

At Onisko & Scholz, we offer you the flexibility to choose which services you need, and how you would like to work with us. 

“We are always ready to help, so you get the support you deserve.”