Estate and Trust Controversy
Estate and Trust Controversy

Estate and Trust Controversy

  • We are regularly engaged by fiduciaries, beneficiaries, conservators and trust executors to perform forensic accounting services for trust and estate matters.  Whether you need to verify estate or trust assets, analyze financial transactions, or reconstruct accounts and transactions, we can help.  We have an experienced trust and estate department as well as a seasoned forensic accounting team. Combined, you will receive a quality product, and receive excellent client service.

Accounting reconstruction

    • Sometimes things get messy. Sometimes things get put off. When an accounting needs to be performed to present to the court or analyze for appropriate financial behavior, we can help.

Verifications of expenses

    • As auditors, we know what the appropriate standards are to prove expenses. We can assist you in determining whether you have the right paperwork to prove to third parties that expenses incurred are legitimate.

Asset Misappropriations

    • People can steal. Trusted family members can cheat. We are familiar with the schemes used to affect a “wrongful taking”. We have performed analysis for heirs, fiduciaries, beneficiaries and estates. Our work has been used in civil and criminal matters for estates and trusts.  

Forensic Accounting