Our Core Values at O&S

Communication / Collaboration / Commitment

Our strong company culture is the backbone of our team and an integral part of our business model. It positively affects every person, both internally and externally.

Our open, honest, and transparent communication is the foundation of our trustworthy and engaged team. Our digital workplace keeps everyone instantly connected.

Collaboration at O&S is consistent and deliberate. We maximize our teams’ knowledge, capabilities, and experience. Our employees know their value and purpose and what they do positively contributes to our mission, goals, and success.

We are committed to our employees. We emphasize wellness by promoting and demonstrating work – life balance daily in the office. We foster social connections, participate in community impact projects, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.

O&S Fish Fry

We are a diverse organization that promotes inclusion, fairness, and participation. We take pride in low employee turnover. We listen to our team their voices are valued and heard.

O&S Fish Fry