Fiduciary Accounting Services

Fiduciary Accounting Services

We present detailed accounting of all transactions associated with trusts, estates, or conservatorships for court use in California.

If you are a trustee, executor, administrator, conservator, or guardian, you are performing the role of a fiduciary. Our accounting services allow the court and beneficiaries to review and approve your actions. There may be challenging situations when the court will require fiduciary accounting. Some examples may include an estate in probate, a dispute among beneficiaries, or a trustee facing legal action.

Fiduciary Accounting for Trusts & Estates

How We Can Help You

  1. Collect & organize all information
  2. Identify the assets
  3. Prepare detailed schedules, summaries, and specific supplements
  4. Adhere to fiduciary accountancy mandated by the Union Principal and Income Act (UPIA) and the Probate Code
  5. Provide accounting documents for beneficiaries, probate court, and legal proceedings

Our analytical team of experts is dedicated to detailed and accurate accounting to provide you the confidence and peace of mind in your role as a fiduciary.

Fiduciary Accounting for Estates & Trusts

Why Work With O&S

What sets O&S apart from our competition is our transparency. It reduces the potential for controversy and allows each stakeholder an understanding of financial issues. We take pride in converting your fiduciary transactions into court-ready fiduciary accounting.

We have the knowledge and years of experience to guide you through this complex process.

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Manager, Fiduciary Accounting

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