The Form 706 is the Federal Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax return. The executor of a decedent’s estate uses the Form 706 to figure the estate tax imposed by Chapter 11 It is also used to figure the generation-skipping transfer imposed by Chapter 13 on direct skips.

According to the instructions for the Form 706, decedents who died in 2017 are required to file for the estate of every U.S. citizen or resident whose gross estate, plus adjusted taxable gifts and specific exemption, is more than $5,490,000.

We prepare many Form 706s each year. We have several CPAs who have many years of experience in this area. It is important that the person that you engage to prepare your Form 706 has extensive experience preparing the Form as it can be complex.  According to the IRS Statistics of Income Bulletin, in fiscal year 2012 the agency had an audit coverage rate of 30 percent for estate tax returns.

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