Work in the merger and acquisition marketplace has been in manufacturing, wholesale and service sectors.  Assignments have been completed for both domestic and foreign entities.  Among others, analysis in the manufacturing industries has been completed in the garment, industrial paper, packaging, filter, wood veneer, automotive parts, sporting goods, process controls, HVAC, petro-chemical equipment and drug equipment. Wholesale distribution experience includes automotive parts, fast food, aerospace, railroad, heavy duty truck, petro-chemical, oil supply, sporting goods and service station supply.  Service industry experience includes computer software, software training, internet, trucking, medical, storage, moving, restaurants, retail stores, hotels and construction.

Market analysis – Have analyzed markets for consolidation by merger or acquisition.  Markets have been defined, bounded and sized.  Spreadsheet templates have been developed to assist in analyzing the market qualitatively and quantitatively.  

Acquisition targeting – Have identified individual acquisition candidates.  Have rated objectives by suitability of positive financial results of combination.  Analysis was created by determining the financial impact of combination of individual acquisitions targets and rating by suitability.  Financial templates have been developed to utilize quantitative decision making procedures to properly analyze candidates by removing significant personal bias.

Valuation – Have performed business valuations for use in corporate mergers and acquisitions, court proceedings and for individual investors.  Both formal and informal reports have been prepared.

Contract assistance – Have assisted counsel and principals in framing contracts of sale, buy-sell agreements, partnership agreements and employment agreements.   Alternative proposals have been developed and submitted for analysis of financial and tax ramifications of alternatives.

Negotiation/Mediation – Have assisted in negotiations to determine price and terms of agreements.  Have appeared at National Labor Relations Board mediation conferences regarding union contract matters.   Have served as independent mediator in contract disputes.

Financing – Have created business plans, prospective financial statements and financing packages for submission to lending institutions, venture capital organizations and individual investors.  Have negotiated with competing lending institutions to secure best terms and conditions.

Due diligence – Have analyzed financial statements, tax returns and internal company documents to determine the veracity of representations made by management.  Have audited financial information in preparation for initial public offering.  Retained by international financial institution to teach loan officers external fraud detection.  Have analyzed and reported on external financial information to banks.

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