• Asset Misappropriations
    • People can steal. Partners can cheat. We are familiar with the schemes used to affect a “wrongful taking”. We have performed analysis for individuals, estates, corporations and public entities. Our work has been used in civil and criminal cases.


  • Fraudulent Financial Statement Schemes
    • Fraudulent financial statements are developed for many reasons. Some are initiated to get investors, procure loans or sell a company at a premium. Sometime fraudulent financial statements are issued by managers to “game” the compensation system or impress shareholders. We have lots of experience analyzing statements in due diligence and conflict situations.


  • Fraud Prevention Analysis
    • We have found that many companies are easy targets for thieves and scammers. The “con” in confidence man suggests that the best fraudsters are those who get you to trust them the most. Our philosophy is “trust but verify”
Fraud and Forensic Accounting

Fraud and Forensic Accounting

  • Partner Disputes
    • Sometimes a financial dispute between partners can be solved by having an independent third party analyze and discuss the financial issues with the parties. If a dispute cannot be solved, the analysis can used to assist the partners in terminating the relationship. We have significant experience in assisting legal counsel mediating between the parties to solve financial partner issues.


  • Alter Ego Claims
    • When individuals create multiple entities and shift assets from place to place they can be preparing to cheat creditors or partners. We are familiar with these schemes and have prepared analysis for the courts, based on case law in the appropriate states, to assist legal counsel in holding individuals and related parties responsible. We have also testified in the defense of alter ego claims.


  • Hidden Assets
    • Moving assets from a target entity to another “unrelated” place is a typical scheme of fraudsters. We have frequently performed tracings and accountings to prove to the court that assets have been moved for the benefit of an individual party at the expense of another. We regularly perform this type of analysis in commercial and family law matters.¬†