Financial management is integral to running a successful business, but we know as growing businesses that you might not have the resources available to have a dedicated accounting department in-house.

    Because of this, we work with many of our clients to serve as an outsourced accounting department. We tailor our services directly to your needs.

    We can fill in as interim CFOs, oversee accounting staff, provide you with cash flow forecasting reports, and make adjustments to your accounting records, on either a weekly, monthly, quarterly or as needed basis.

    Outsourcing CFO services saves you money, and provides you with real time information so you can better manage your business. If you have an internal CFO who just needs some CFO consulting services, we can do that too, and assist on an as needed basis.

    Most of these services can be handled remotely, giving us the ability to work across Southern California, and really across the country.

    Industries that we have served as an interim, or full-time controller for include non-profit, professional services, and manufacturers.

    Give us a call today so we can help you assess your situation and find out which CFO,  or outsourced accounting service we provide, would be best for your specific situation.


    If you require a CPA that goes above and beyond in the areas of tax and accounting, please contact Onisko & Scholz today.