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Estate Planning Tips for the Sandwich Generation

Our CPAAI member firm in Pittsburgh H2R CPA firm recently posted this blog on estate planning tips for the sandwich Generation. The “sandwich generation” accounts for a large segment of the population. These are people who find themselves caring for both their children and their parents at the same time. In some cases, this [...]

Utilization of Key Performance Indicators As a Measure of Success

From our CPAAI (CPA Associates International) Colleagues, Rosenswig Mcrae Thorpe in Canada Utilization of Key Performance Indicators As a Measure of Success There are many challenges to managing a business in an ever-changing and competitive marketplace.  Monitoring the company’s performance and progress is a key aspect of management.  Many businesses use key performance indicators to [...]

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Comparison of House and Senate Bills for the 2017 Tax Reform Act

As you know, significant “tax reform” legislation is currently being worked on in the House and Senate.  They have each passed their own versions and now they need to be reconciled and combine into one bill.  The chart below compares the two versions as of December 4, 2017.  Note that most of the provisions in [...]

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Tax Reform Update

Tis the season to battle it out on The Hill.  You may have heard about a little thing called Tax Reform. Well, the House of Representatives passed its version of the tax reform bill a few weeks ago. Recently, the Senate passed its version and, shockingly (sarcasm inserted here), they do not match. Both houses [...]

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6 Causes of Extraordinary Gains and Losses in Business

Many businesses report unusual, extraordinary gains and losses in addition to their usual revenue, income and, expenses. Recording a gain increases an asset or decreases a liability, while recording a loss decreases an asset or increases a liability. When a business has recorded an extraordinary gain or loss during the period, its income statement [...]

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Preparatory Checklist: Form 706 for Decedent’s Estate

Living life to its fullest isn’t always cheap. Unfortunately, neither is dying, particularly if you have a hefty estate. The federal government imposes an estate tax on large estates and with the help from the IRS, they make it a priority to collect. How? IRS Form 706, United States Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return. [...]

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