Tax law signed today

Even though Congress is avoiding major decisions on tax law changes that must occur this year until after they see who is reelected, they managed to pass a bill which Pres Obama signed earlier today into law. You will hear media hype about the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, but what you may [...]

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Are tests always this hard?

This week I finally received notice that my application for Accreditation in Business Valuation was accepted. I now have three more letters after my name. This was an inordinately difficult credential to obtain. Last year I spent the better part of six months pouring over books and official materials studying for the ABV exam. [...]

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Deficit Solution?

My wife and I recently returned from an Alaskan fishing trip. The fishing was good, the weather was OK (for Alaska it was great), and the friends we traveled with were a lot of fun. The not so fun part came when I totaled up the credit card bills and realized how much we [...]

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