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Paul Scholz, CPA, MST is the Managing Partner of Onisko & Scholz, CPA Firm in Long Beach, CA. He is in charge of the Firm's Tax Practice, and has a specialty in estates and trusts.

I am a Convert

Years ago (I’m dating myself here) filing a tax return and paying your taxes through the US mail was the only option unless you wished to personally visit an IRS office and witness your tax dollars at work. Even private mail services such as FedEx were not preferred as they did not confer proof of mailing that was acceptable to the IRS.

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RMD Planning

As we mercifully swing in to the end of the year 2020, along with all the political and social issues we are still dealing with as a nation, there is always TAX PLANNING! As the days march closer to December 31 it is important to consider possible year end moves to reduce the amount of money you’ll ultimately send to whoever is President.

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Some Clarity

After a deluge of comments from the public, we now have conformity (mostly).  The IRS announced Friday that both the tax payment due dates AND the filing dates for tax returns have been pushed back to July 15.

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Tax season musings

Ah, it’s January already. Time to prune my fruit trees and look forward to the Superbowl party. Hopefully there is time to broadcast it between all the ads for Turbotax, H&R Block and the latest rich guys running for President. Personally I agree with President Eisenhower who said that the only way to get [...]

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Pass the SALT!

As we race towards the end of the year our office is scrambling with year-end tax projections for clients. Tax Planning used to be easier, but with the recent tax act capping State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions at $10,000 for taxpayers itemizing deductions, planning has taken on new challenges. With the SALT deductions [...]

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Taxes and politics

Long time readers will know that it wouldn’t be the Holiday Season if I didn’t comment about year-end tax planning. Even though your time may be fully absorbed running between Holiday parties and shopping excursions, as we approach December 31 now is the time to evaluate your tax situation for 2019 and make any [...]

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Finally, Some Progress

It seems that the only things that come out of Washington these days are stupid headlines about stupid stuff. I guess that’s how they keep the masses attention focused where they want it. Sadly amidst all the spin and PR jockeying the less sexy important things get buried and overlooked. One such thing is [...]

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