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Some Clarity

After a deluge of comments from the public, we now have conformity (mostly).  The IRS announced Friday that both the tax payment due dates AND the filing dates for tax returns have been pushed back to July 15.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 03/20/2020

While everyone is busy wondering how to store another 1000 rolls of TP in their garage, many are unaware of a sidebar problem – tax filings due April 15 can be affected if you are waiting on data from sources that have shut down or are working with less staff than normal.

Tax season musings

Ah, it’s January already. Time to prune my fruit trees and look forward to the Superbowl party. Hopefully there is time to broadcast it between all the ads for Turbotax, H&R Block and the latest rich guys running for President. Personally I agree with President Eisenhower who said that the only way to get rich [...]

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Pass the SALT!

As we race towards the end of the year our office is scrambling with year-end tax projections for clients. Tax Planning used to be easier, but with the recent tax act capping State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions at $10,000 for taxpayers itemizing deductions, planning has taken on new challenges. With the SALT deductions limited [...]

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Roach Squashes people!

It seems that it’s a weekly occurrence that I read that somewhere another Ponzi scheme bilked a bunch of unsuspecting investors. Given that this type of fraud has been around since the 1800’s and made famous in the 1920’s by Charles Ponzi, you would think the public would wise up to them. Apparently the fraudsters [...]

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Taxes and politics

Long time readers will know that it wouldn’t be the Holiday Season if I didn’t comment about year-end tax planning. Even though your time may be fully absorbed running between Holiday parties and shopping excursions, as we approach December 31 now is the time to evaluate your tax situation for 2019 and make any moves [...]

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Finally, Some Progress

It seems that the only things that come out of Washington these days are stupid headlines about stupid stuff. I guess that’s how they keep the masses attention focused where they want it. Sadly amidst all the spin and PR jockeying the less sexy important things get buried and overlooked. One such thing is H.R. [...]

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While You Were Out Celebrating…

One of the reasons I love the 4th of July is the open display of defiance to overregulation by the use of illegal fireworks. You can drive through some areas of town and see ample evidence of civil disobedience, despite threats of heavy fines by local governments. Pushing back against overregulation and taxation is what [...]

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