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Years ago (I’m dating myself here) filing a tax return and paying your taxes through the US mail was the only option unless you wished to personally visit an IRS office and witness your tax dollars at work. Even private mail services such as FedEx were not preferred as they did not confer proof of mailing that was acceptable to the IRS.

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Everyone loves a PET

As followers of this blog will recall, I’ve written many times about the State and Local Tax (SALT) cap for itemized deductions. Individual Taxpayers have been limited to a maximum amount of $10,000 in deductions for this category regardless of how much they actually spend in a year on state income and property taxes.

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File Your Taxes Early: 10 Reasons Why NOT to Wait

By Paul Scholz, Managing Partner Every year we have many clients who ignore their taxes until the last possible moment. Sometimes its unavoidable, like when you are waiting on K-1 forms or other documents that are necessary to complete your taxes and you have no control over when you receive them. Often though, it’s [...]

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RMD Planning

As we mercifully swing in to the end of the year 2020, along with all the political and social issues we are still dealing with as a nation, there is always TAX PLANNING! As the days march closer to December 31 it is important to consider possible year end moves to reduce the amount of money you’ll ultimately send to whoever is President.

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