Given all the proposals floating between Congress and the President’s office these days, how does one know what to do to minimize you and your family’s tax burdens?

We can help you.

The inheritance or “death” tax is the most easily avoided tax, but only for those who plan ahead. With tax rates at 40%, many of our clients see the value of estate planning in order to protect their family legacy from the IRS.

This year, with talk about lowering the estate tax exemption amount to as low as $5 million from the present $11,700,000, many estates that previously did not have exposure to the inheritance tax now may. However, as of this writing, no change in the law has been passed yet, and there exists a rare window of opportunity to aggressively move to preserve some of the old rules and limit the effects of the so-called “Death” Tax on your family when you or a family member pass away.

Although we don’t know what the new law will ultimately be or when the changes might be effective, we do have some strategies that we have been employing to minimize your family’s exposure to the inheritance tax.

If you have a personal net worth near or over 5 million dollars, please contact us immediately for a consultation.

Your family will thank you for it.

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