Tax Season TV Ads

Based upon all the TV ads for H&R Block and Turbo Tax, I guess it must mean we are in tax season again. That would explain the piles of files on my desk and the weekends my team is putting in here at the office! So far, a couple trends are starting to appear. [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

On this national day of love, hearts, flowers, and candy that we use to acknowledge those who are close to us, I want to encourage everyone to think about the one thing that ties it all together and makes this day meaningful for many – Cybersecurity! (What else??) The reason I used this tortured [...]

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1099 Reporting Hacks

Background: Each year businesses are required to issue information returns (i.e. 1099 forms) reporting various types of payments, or in some cases receipts. Unless you happen to be a University or a Bank, most of the forms you will be sending out will probably be the 1099-Misc to report payments for services by non-employees. The [...]

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