Some Clarity

After a deluge of comments from the public, we now have conformity (mostly).  The IRS announced Friday that both the tax payment due dates AND the filing dates for tax returns have been pushed back to July 15.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 03/20/2020

While everyone is busy wondering how to store another 1000 rolls of TP in their garage, many are unaware of a sidebar problem – tax filings due April 15 can be affected if you are waiting on data from sources that have shut down or are working with less staff than normal.

What is A Forensic Accountant?

A forensic accountant is an accountant with special skills in analyzing financial data that is the subject of a dispute or litigation.  The forensic accountant is often called upon to report on their analysis in a written report or in oral testimony in a court of law.  This transition is where the forensic accountant becomes [...]

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