Weighing the Pros and Cons Of Holding Foreign Real Estate – It’s Not For Everybody

If you have ever thought of owning foreign real estate, but have doubts of its merits, this post is going to outline some of the primary benefits that ownership of offshore real estate entails. It will also shed some light on the common pitfalls that Americans may encounter when acquiring offshore real estate. Whether foreign [...]

Taxing System

After just finishing my Nth (too many to count) tax season, its time to sit back and hear the predictable chorus of how unfair our taxing regime is and how it punishes successful people and the middle class while rewarding the wealthy. In fact, a recent study of International tax systems by German economists rated [...]

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IRS Issues Final ‘Expense vs. Capitalization’ Regs

The Internal Revenue Service has issued final regulations (T.D.9636) on deduction and capitalization of expenditures related to tangible property. The final regulations include rules for determining whether costs related to tangible property are deductible repairs or capital improvements.  Changes made: The final regulations adopt the temporary regulations issued in 2011 (T.D. 9564), with a number [...]

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