If you are a foreign national looking to make an entry to the US market, an E-2 Investors Visa could be right for you. If your home country has a treaty with the US, (list found here), the E-2 Visa allows you to invest capital ($50,000+) and establish a business in the US. The E-2 Visa also grants you a 2 year stay, which can be renewed. According to the www.uscis.gov website in order to qualify for the E-2 Visa you must:
  • Be from a treaty country
  • Invest, or have invested capital into the US
  • and be seeking to enter the US to develop and direct the investment
The investment must provide jobs and benefit the economy. Fore more information, about the E-2 Investors program, go to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website. We highly recommend that you consult with an immigration attorney. We are happy to refer you to one in our network. Google+