2012 Tax Law Changes

Last week I linked you to information about personal tax planning and things you should consider now to reduce your tax burden for 2011. Most of those items dealt primarily with individual taxes. In case you are running a business and interested in what’s coming at you in 2012, I had an article published [...]

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Now is the time

It’s been about two months since I wrote my last entry here. In that blog, I said I was heading for the Eastern Sierras in search of places with no cell service. I’m happy to report that because Verizon has such good coverage these days it took me a great deal of time looking [...]

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About Us

Our staff has been testifying since 1992. We have experience performing economic loss analysis in matters of intellectual property, contract disputes, loss of profits and personal injury. Kim Onisko, (lead forensic accountant) has testified as an economic expert in State and Federal court. His opinion testimony has ranged in matters of size from $100 thousand [...]

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