Will you be audited?

Now that our tax season is ramping up, I thought it would be good to address the question that we get a lot: Will I get audited? Here’s the low down on IRS audits: Statistically overall audit rates have actually declined in the last couple years. Not only have IRS personnel been spread thin [...]

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They are Watching !

I was recently surprised to learn that the IRS’ website,  www.IRS.GOV, has a new feature. You can type in some personal data and download transcripts of your own tax return.  Wondering how well the government website designers had fulfilled this objective (call me a skeptic), I decided to give it a try. My first [...]

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California Mediation and the Appointment of a 730 Expert

Mediation is one of the best ways to handle family law disputes. Rather than getting involved in a never-ending court battle, you can save time, money and help preserve family relationships. Forensic accountants can be a crucial part of this process as finances are often one of the most disputed areas in family law matters. [...]

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