Former Detroit Mayor Back in the News

Former Detroit Mayor Back in the News In June of 2011 I wrote about former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who has been back in the news, for a conviction on a plethora of charges, including racketeering, fraud, and extortion. He was found guilty of 24 of the 30 charges brought against him. Kilpatrick was joined [...]

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City of Stockton Bankruptcy Approved

What does bankruptcy approval for the City of Stockton mean for other California cities? Perhaps it paves the way for other California cities (such as the City of San Bernardino who filed for bankruptcy protection in August) to do the same. According to Cal Watchdog, Your Eyes on California Government, the City of Stockton owes [...]

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Municipal Fraud Prevention-West Linn, Part 3 of 3

Municipal Fraud Prevention Part 3 of 3 -          Have checks and balances, and routinely ask yourself if loopholes exist -          Cheap comes out expensive, hire external auditors, forensic accountants, and certified fraud examiners -          Turnover in your finance department isn’t always a bad thing- in some cases, an extensive level of familiarity breeds corruption -          [...]

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School District Fraud – Santa Clara

As moneys become tight and budgets continue to be squeezed, financial vigilance must be increased.  Anti-fraud controls must be developed.  Systems must continue to be reviewed and analyzed to reduce the chance of fraud. This problem at the Santa Clara Unified School District may have been averted with proper internal oversight.  The link will also [...]

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