Internal Controls over Cash for Small Businesses and Not-For-Profits

Whether your organization is a not-for-profit or a small business, cash is one of your most valuable assets. It should be safeguarded by establishing internal controls to prevent fraud and identify errors. However, in small organizations, this may be a challenge due to limited resources for the following reasons: Hiring employees with the appropriate skillsets [...]

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Release 2014 Fraud Report

Working with companies who have been victims of fraud on a regular basis, the report provided by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners for 2014, hits the nail on the head. Here is a summary of their findings: Typical organization loses 5% of revenue each year to fraud. Median loss in their study was $145K. [...]

Buena Park – Next in Line of Municipal Fraud Victims

The City of Buena Park takes its turn in the hot seat recently as citizens ask, how could this happen? Former Parks and Recreation Managers Rudolph Juarez and Gabriel Garcia are facing up to 195 and 135 years, respectively, in prison. An investigation of fraud has been going on for 2.5 years, and has now [...]

Municipal Fraud Prevention-West Linn, Part 3 of 3

Municipal Fraud Prevention Part 3 of 3 -          Have checks and balances, and routinely ask yourself if loopholes exist -          Cheap comes out expensive, hire external auditors, forensic accountants, and certified fraud examiners -          Turnover in your finance department isn’t always a bad thing- in some cases, an extensive level of familiarity breeds corruption -          [...]

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Municipal Fraud Prevention- West Linn, Part 2 of 3

Municipal Fraud Prevention- West Linn Part 2 of 3 The current West Linn Finance Department (after the 1.42 million dollar scandal), much like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, crafted a new mission statement. The forward moving department proclaims proudly “being good stewards of taxpayers’ monies is the Finance Department’s main focus, but that alone [...]

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First 5 LA gets blasted for crappy accounting

Can I say "crappy"? Yes, I believe I can. And did. Apparently, First 5 Los Angeles has accumulated $800 million of taxpayer money that they're sitting on. They apparently spend $180 million per year but can't quite spend the whole amount they get ... so it sits in the bank. THAT'S OUR MONEY PEOPLE! "An [...]

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New Work for State Auditors!

A new senate bill will give California State Auditors the right to dig into the books and expenditures of cities. This in in response to the Bell scandal. Apparently 50 groups have been ratted on by whistleblowers!

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Stealing Our Foreign Aid

A Wall Street Journal Article points out that billions of dollars ... in cash ... is being air-freighted out of Kabul. Corruption is suggested. Pardon me? Billions in cash and corruption is suspected? They can't track the money? I suggest that the government hires a squad of forensic CPA's to uncover the fraudsters. We'll work [...]

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Find the salami … Sniff Sniff !

CFO magazine cites a 2009 study by Benjamin Luippold, an assistant professor at George State University on how to con the auditors.Distract and divert the auditors attention from the place you want them to look. You will succeed with your con.Now it's been "scientifically" tested. All you auditors and forensic accountants out there ... Use [...]

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