Fake Audit Reports and Fake Financial Reporting

Always, always, always, call the auditor who prepared the statements to determine whether you have real statements. We just did this on our "Invisible Children" post ... and they were delighted to talk to us! (P.S. They said good things about Invisible Children) Also check with the State Board of Accountancy look-up to see if [...]

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Minkow back to the Clink!

ZZZ Best superstar Barry Minkow, King of the Ponzi's, became a preacher, a self-appointed fraud detector and finally a stock manipulator. Now he gets 5 years in the clink. for securities fraud. A good friend told me once ... the way someone does something, is the way they do everything. (translation ... Leopards don't often [...]

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Big Trouble in Cedar City

Companies and Non-Profits ... please check your auditor's license. If it is not current or is suspended, there most likely is a reason. Always log on to your state board of accountancy website and license check before giving them work. Auditors ... please do the same with the prior auditors ... and do a google [...]

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Stealing Our Foreign Aid

A Wall Street Journal Article points out that billions of dollars ... in cash ... is being air-freighted out of Kabul. Corruption is suggested. Pardon me? Billions in cash and corruption is suspected? They can't track the money? I suggest that the government hires a squad of forensic CPA's to uncover the fraudsters. We'll work [...]

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Find the salami … Sniff Sniff !

CFO magazine cites a 2009 study by Benjamin Luippold, an assistant professor at George State University on how to con the auditors.Distract and divert the auditors attention from the place you want them to look. You will succeed with your con.Now it's been "scientifically" tested. All you auditors and forensic accountants out there ... Use [...]

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Madoff’s Accountant Didn’t Do Audits?

Here's a picture of the accountant's office. Suite 3. Accounting, Taxation and Financial Services ... hmmm. Taped to the window ... it says they "E-File". Classy digs! Apparently, the accountants were telling the AICPA for 15 years that they didn't do audits. The AICPA has since kicked him out. Nice due diligence on the part [...]

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