Minkow back to the Clink!

ZZZ Best superstar Barry Minkow, King of the Ponzi's, became a preacher, a self-appointed fraud detector and finally a stock manipulator. Now he gets 5 years in the clink. for securities fraud. A good friend told me once ... the way someone does something, is the way they do everything. (translation ... Leopards don't often [...]

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Thieves Arrested (Hooray!)

Our "Den of Thieves" have been uncovered, announced and arrested. Who knows whether it will stick ... but ... it's a start. (These are certain officials at the City of Bell, CA) This NPR interview asks the prime question ... How did a 2 1/2 mile square city, of 40,000 impoverished citizens wind up with [...]

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Den of Thieves

In case you didn't hear. The management team of the City of Bell California gave themselves absurd salaries. The City Manager about $800k The assistant manager and police chief about $500k each. The city only has about 40,000 residents and a significant percentage are below the poverty level. The city receives a significant amount of [...]

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