Church Embezzlement Orange County

Interim Treasurer Fiatala Manu of the First Samoan Christian Congregational Church in Santa Ana has recently been charged with the embezzlement of upwards of $110,000.   It is alleged that Manu wrote checks to himself from church bank accounts to feed a gambling addiction.   He was called on the carpet about it when an [...]

Fake Audit Reports and Fake Financial Reporting

Always, always, always, call the auditor who prepared the statements to determine whether you have real statements. We just did this on our "Invisible Children" post ... and they were delighted to talk to us! (P.S. They said good things about Invisible Children) Also check with the State Board of Accountancy look-up to see if [...]

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City of Compton Fraud … You’re Kidding!

Now the Mayor of Compton alleges fraud. Who knew? It stopped the City from getting a line of credit to handle the $41mm deficit. Good luck getting an opinion from the auditors. Apparently the last audit had a "going concern clause". Here's hoping the auditor gives an opinion (rather than disclaiming). Oh ... what a [...]

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Minkow back to the Clink!

ZZZ Best superstar Barry Minkow, King of the Ponzi's, became a preacher, a self-appointed fraud detector and finally a stock manipulator. Now he gets 5 years in the clink. for securities fraud. A good friend told me once ... the way someone does something, is the way they do everything. (translation ... Leopards don't often [...]

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