After Tax Reform, Here’s What the Nonprofit Sector is Watching

By Courtney Rozen Initial estimates aren’t promising: The American Enterprise Institute projected June 18 that the law would reduce charitable giving by $17.2 billion this year, according to a static analysis. But in the six months since Republicans passed the 2017 tax act (Pub. L. No. 115-97), much of the impact is yet to be [...]

Church Embezzlement Orange County

Interim Treasurer Fiatala Manu of the First Samoan Christian Congregational Church in Santa Ana has recently been charged with the embezzlement of upwards of $110,000. It is alleged that Manu wrote checks to himself from church bank accounts to feed a gambling addiction. He was called on the carpet about it when an Assistant Treasurer [...]

Another Catholic Priest Gambling with Parish Funds

At least this time is was in Las Vegas. Over 10 years apparently he pocketed $650k. Again ... no one ran into this guy in the casino? I'm just saying ... Some parishioners believed that he had a Robin Hood-type reason to steal. Remember, they're called con men because THEY GAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE AND THEY [...]

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City of Compton Fraud … You’re Kidding!

Now the Mayor of Compton alleges fraud. Who knew? It stopped the City from getting a line of credit to handle the $41mm deficit. Good luck getting an opinion from the auditors. Apparently the last audit had a "going concern clause". Here's hoping the auditor gives an opinion (rather than disclaiming). Oh ... what a [...]

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First 5 LA gets blasted for crappy accounting

Can I say "crappy"? Yes, I believe I can. And did. Apparently, First 5 Los Angeles has accumulated $800 million of taxpayer money that they're sitting on. They apparently spend $180 million per year but can't quite spend the whole amount they get ... so it sits in the bank. THAT'S OUR MONEY PEOPLE! "An [...]

Big Trouble in Cedar City

Companies and Non-Profits ... please check your auditor's license. If it is not current or is suspended, there most likely is a reason. Always log on to your state board of accountancy website and license check before giving them work. Auditors ... please do the same with the prior auditors ... and do a google [...]

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Den of Thieves

In case you didn't hear. The management team of the City of Bell California gave themselves absurd salaries. The City Manager about $800k The assistant manager and police chief about $500k each. The city only has about 40,000 residents and a significant percentage are below the poverty level. The city receives a significant amount of [...]

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