Debt Collection, or Lack Thereof

Debt Collection, or Lack Thereof As reported recently by The Long Beach Post, according to an audit of the City's Business Relation Bureau that spanned two years, $2.4 to $2.6 million in outstanding business license accounts have not been collected by the City of Long Beach. Residents are fuming at the lack of tenacity [...]

Fake Audit Reports and Fake Financial Reporting

Always, always, always, call the auditor who prepared the statements to determine whether you have real statements. We just did this on our "Invisible Children" post ... and they were delighted to talk to us! (P.S. They said good things about Invisible Children) Also check with the State Board of Accountancy look-up to see if [...]

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City of Compton Fraud … You’re Kidding!

Now the Mayor of Compton alleges fraud. Who knew? It stopped the City from getting a line of credit to handle the $41mm deficit. Good luck getting an opinion from the auditors. Apparently the last audit had a "going concern clause". Here's hoping the auditor gives an opinion (rather than disclaiming). Oh ... what a [...]

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New Work for State Auditors!

A new senate bill will give California State Auditors the right to dig into the books and expenditures of cities. This in in response to the Bell scandal. Apparently 50 groups have been ratted on by whistleblowers!

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Let the Finger Pointing Begin!

State of California State Auditor John Chiang says Mayer Hoffman McCann did a bum job. Mayer Hoffman McCann says they were deceived. IMO (in my opinion) it is ridiculous that an auditee (say the City of Bell) get's to pick their own auditor. The job of the auditor in this situation is to please the [...]

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