In Dayton, Ohio a man who was upset at being audited by IRS fired several gunshots at an H&R Block employee whom he blamed for the audit. He approached her car in a parking lot outside a bar last Sunday morning and opened fire.

Thankfully she managed to escape with just a few new holes in her car.

There’s a better way to react to an IRS audit. If you prepare and keep good records prior to doing your taxes, an IRS letter will be nothing more than an inconvenience, and you won’t need to resort to mortal combat to make your point. Further, many government inquiries don’t rise to the level of an audit and can be handled quickly with a minimum of correspondence, if you have the proper backup documentation and are prepared.

However, the best defense for a tax return is always a good offense. Whatever you do, don’t hire a preparer who can be found outside of bars on a Sunday morning!

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