Stealing Our Foreign Aid

A Wall Street Journal Article points out that billions of dollars ... in cash ... is being air-freighted out of Kabul. Corruption is suggested. Pardon me? Billions in cash and corruption is suspected? They can't track the money? I suggest that the government hires a squad of forensic CPA's to uncover the fraudsters. We'll work [...]

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Think about this…

Most folks don’t think much about taxes until around April when they start to ponder what kind of damage the IRS will inflict on them for the prior year. We encourage, beg and cajole our clients to be proactive about taxes, and in so doing we can minimize the damage and also help plan for [...]

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Internet Tax scams

From time to time people forward me chain emails related to tax issues that are swirling around the internet, asking me if they are true or not. Lately, a couple of them have been sent to me repeatedly. Let’s deal with them here: Scam #1AN EMAIL SAYS THE NEW HEALTH CARE LAW WILL REQUIRE [...]

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No Equality, No Justice!

Here in California, the State granted Registered Domestic Partners (RDPs) the same legal status and rights as married couples. For tax purposes, this change forced RDPs to file income tax returns as either married jointly or married filing separately. Anyone who is a RDP must use the married rates on their California state tax [...]

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Wanted: One dead Billionaire

Ever since the inheritance tax was temporarily repealed on January 1, 2010 (for only one year), there have been many that have called for its reinstatement. Regardless of how you feel about taxing estates, it can be argued that it is inherently unfair for a wealthy person’s estate to completely escape tax simply because [...]

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