Thieves Bankrupt City of Bell?

In a true case of closing the barn door after the horse has run off ... LA County is auditing Bell to find out if it's now broke. Did anybody think to look at the independent audit of the city? Did they have one? Wasn't it required? Who did the audit? What did it say? [...]

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Dealing with a Deadbeat

Its now official: The state of California is stiffing everyone it owes tax refunds “until further notice” see The good news is that they were forced to take this action just before the election, so everyone voting can see how dysfunctional our state legislature is. The situation must be dire or the incumbents [...]

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Stimulate What?

Did you know that $203 Million of the Economic Stimulus money that was doled out last year was given to the IRS? Further, it was revealed this week in a report from the Treasury Inspector General that these funds are in danger of being misspent due to continued problems with contract oversight. What a [...]

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Thieves Arrested (Hooray!)

Our "Den of Thieves" have been uncovered, announced and arrested. Who knows whether it will stick ... but ... it's a start. (These are certain officials at the City of Bell, CA) This NPR interview asks the prime question ... How did a 2 1/2 mile square city, of 40,000 impoverished citizens wind up with [...]

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Why didn’t Congress think of this?

Last week the IRS announced that they will no longer be printing and mailing tax forms to individuals. The printed forms will now only be available by internet or from libraries and Government offices. Of course, the reason for this change in policy is to save the taxpayers' money by avoiding printing, handling and [...]

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