Let the Finger Pointing Begin!

State of California State Auditor John Chiang says Mayer Hoffman McCann did a bum job. Mayer Hoffman McCann says they were deceived. IMO (in my opinion) it is ridiculous that an auditee (say the City of Bell) get's to pick their own auditor. The job of the auditor in this situation is to please the [...]

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Happy New Year, time to change your oil!

As I’ve written previously, we defend a lot of people that have been selected by IRS for examination. Sometimes these exams go well, particularly if the taxpayer has tight records and good explanations, and other times it’s more difficult, such as when documentation is spotty, or the explanations defy logic. Our office is good [...]

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A little clarity…

By now you’ve probably seen the headlines and heard the political rhetoric about the new tax law that was enacted yesterday. While a complete discussion of all the aspects of the law is more than I can fit in here (and more than you want to read, no doubt), I want to clarify a [...]

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