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Right after the April 15th crunch subsided, I took a few days to test the wild trout population in the Eastern Sierras. They are still there, and it was good to get away and detox without cell phone coverage or any other electronic devices screaming for my attention. There is absolutely nothing more therapeutic [...]

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Find the salami … Sniff Sniff !

CFO magazine cites a 2009 study by Benjamin Luippold, an assistant professor at George State University on how to con the auditors.Distract and divert the auditors attention from the place you want them to look. You will succeed with your con.Now it's been "scientifically" tested. All you auditors and forensic accountants out there ... Use [...]

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Time is running out!

Many years ago I toiled as a staff accountant at a local CPA firm in Rolling Hills, CA. The senior partner, whose name was Marty, was known to occasionally go out of his way to aggravate the office staff purely for entertainment. Example: many of the staff struggled to keep their weight under control. [...]

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