New Work for State Auditors!

A new senate bill will give California State Auditors the right to dig into the books and expenditures of cities. This in in response to the Bell scandal. Apparently 50 groups have been ratted on by whistleblowers!

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Murder your husband and avoid tax!

Ok, that may not be quite what she had in mind at the time, but that was the effect. DN, a minor, received a distribution from his father’s 401(k) plan as a secondary beneficiary. He received the distribution because the primary beneficiary, his mother, was in prison for murdering the father. Under Oregon law [...]

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Falsify Tax Returns, go to Prison

Very rarely do we have a client ask us to fabricate a tax return. Most people, even if they were inclined to do that, know better than to even ask. I have had taxpayers after being asked for their deductions say something like “how much can I get away with?”, but that’s usually as [...]

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IRS ahead of the curve!

I am rarely in a position to praise the IRS for a job well done. In fact, if you look back at all the previous blogs on the website, I’d be surprised if you found even one entry giving IRS any kind of complement. That’s about to change. Recently the IRS announced that a [...]

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