First 5 LA gets blasted for crappy accounting

Can I say "crappy"? Yes, I believe I can. And did. Apparently, First 5 Los Angeles has accumulated $800 million of taxpayer money that they're sitting on. They apparently spend $180 million per year but can't quite spend the whole amount they get ... so it sits in the bank. THAT'S OUR MONEY PEOPLE! "An [...]

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Last minute notes

October 15th (17th this year) is a huge date for us in the tax realm. It’s the final extended due date for late filers to get their tax returns in on time. While April 15th gets a lot of publicity, historically October has been busier for our firm than April due to all the [...]

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False Tax Returns = Prison

Sometimes at the slightest hint of a problem with their taxes, clients’ fear of the government prompts them to ask “I won’t go to prison, will I?” If you make an honest mistake or have a unique situation where the facts aren’t entirely clear, you may be facing some penalties and interest, but you [...]

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