Minkow back to the Clink!

ZZZ Best superstar Barry Minkow, King of the Ponzi's, became a preacher, a self-appointed fraud detector and finally a stock manipulator. Now he gets 5 years in the clink. for securities fraud. A good friend told me once ... the way someone does something, is the way they do everything. (translation ... Leopards don't often [...]

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Quick IRS news:

A couple things passed over my desk recently that I thought might be noteworthy, and I am passing them along for your review… If you have money in a foreign bank account the IRS is expanding its efforts to locate you. They are investigating Credit Suisse and other foreign banks to determine if they [...]

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The Amazon Tax

There has been a lot of news recently about the new decrease in sales tax rates here in California, but very little about a recent law signed by California Governor Jerry Brown that attempts to levy sales tax on internet sales of goods to California residents by out of state retailers. This new law, [...]

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