Minkow back to the Clink!

ZZZ Best superstar Barry Minkow, King of the Ponzi's, became a preacher, a self-appointed fraud detector and finally a stock manipulator. Now he gets 5 years in the clink. for securities fraud. A good friend told me once ... the way someone does something, is the way they do everything. (translation ... Leopards don't often [...]

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New Work for State Auditors!

A new senate bill will give California State Auditors the right to dig into the books and expenditures of cities. This in in response to the Bell scandal. Apparently 50 groups have been ratted on by whistleblowers!

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Let the Finger Pointing Begin!

State of California State Auditor John Chiang says Mayer Hoffman McCann did a bum job. Mayer Hoffman McCann says they were deceived. IMO (in my opinion) it is ridiculous that an auditee (say the City of Bell) get's to pick their own auditor. The job of the auditor in this situation is to please the [...]

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Den of Thieves

In case you didn't hear. The management team of the City of Bell California gave themselves absurd salaries. The City Manager about $800k The assistant manager and police chief about $500k each. The city only has about 40,000 residents and a significant percentage are below the poverty level. The city receives a significant amount of [...]

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Stealing Our Foreign Aid

A Wall Street Journal Article points out that billions of dollars ... in cash ... is being air-freighted out of Kabul. Corruption is suggested. Pardon me? Billions in cash and corruption is suspected? They can't track the money? I suggest that the government hires a squad of forensic CPA's to uncover the fraudsters. We'll work [...]

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